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by Dr. Nathan Hinkeldey on June 5, 2013


Rian Moe, Crossfit CoachWith the 2013 Crossfit Regionals in the books, I want to highlight some local Crossfitters who take the Sport of Fitness seriously. First up is Rian Moe.

Rian is a graduate of Iowa State University’s Athletic Training Program and a former member of the Cyclone Hockey Team. Before entering college, Rian also played in the Midwest High School Hockey League as a member of the Des Moines Capitals. He has been doing Crossfit since 2008 and has Crossfit Level I, Crossfit Kids, Olympic Lifting, and Crossfit Mobility certifications.

Rian began his Crossfit journey working out at Crossfit West Ames, and Crossfit Iowa. After graduating from ISU, he was hired at Crossfit Des Moines, which he calls “the perfect fit” for him because of relationship-oriented training style of the box. “The people and the coaches make the gym,” Rian likes to say. 

Given Rian’s extensive athletic education and background, including his own personal experience as Crossfit participant, coach, and competitor, I was anxious to get Rian’s take on the idea that Crossfit might be too extreme and cause too many injuries. Here’s what he had to say:

Crossfit really is for every person – it’s for the unathletic, the athletic, and the most elite, alike. Where I think some people go wrong is that they watch The Games and think that’s what Crossfit is all about. But those are some of the fittest, most athletic people from across the nation putting their bodies on the line for the title of The Fittest on Earth. It’s a great competition and it can be a great motivator, but not everyone needs to aspire to that level. At the local level, Crossfit is about working with people at their level to make a lifestyle change

Rian uses another sport to illustrate his point.

Think about the NBA – fans watch a game and see incredible athletes executing unbelievable, acrobatic moves for 48 minutes of playing time. Now, there’s no way most of us will ever play basketball at that level, but we can still get into the occasional pickup game at the gym, or even just shoot hoops out on the driveway and have a lot of fun and get some fitness benefit from it. In other words, we participate in the sport at a level that makes sense for us without feeling the need to keep up with those at the very top of the game. Crossfit is just the same – if you’ll participate at your level, you’ll have a lot of fun, get in the best shape of your life, and avoid injury while doing it.

Rian went on to say that picking the right gym – or “box” in Crossfit parlance – can also play an important role in avoiding injury while getting the best possible workout.

Crossfit boxes offer many different experiences. The most important feature of a gym is that you feel comfortable when you’re there. One good sign that you’ve found the right place is when you’re working with a coach who is able to scale the workout to your current fitness level and ability. During your first weeks of starting Crossfit, your coach should be spending time demonstrating the movement, observing your movements, and helping you to make corrections. If your coach isn’t spending that time with you, you need to find another place to workout. Crossfit – or any high intensity training routine – without guidance is what causes injury.

Asked about his own challenges in Crossfit, Rian singles out handstand pushups. When he found this particular Crossfit linchpin especially difficult to perform, he solicited the help of Sara Mieches, an alum of the world famous Chow’s Gymnastics and currently an instructor at Urbandale Gymnastics. Sara spent some time with Rian educating him on progressions that will assist in making this movement easier.

This is just one way in which Rian distinguishes himself from other coaches. His willingness to learn from all available sources and seek advice from other experts whenever necessary ensures that he will continue to make gains as a coach even as he helps other make their own fitness gains.

His passion for Crossfit, coaching, and fitness in general is another way in which he stands out. Rian says he really enjoys coaching adults, but is most passionate about working with kids.

Crossfit is about balance and lifestyle, so getting kids involved early sets them up for the ultimate goal – a long healthy life.

Can You Crossfit?

If you have any questions about fitness training, Crossfit, or injury prevention, or pain management, contact Team Chiropractic and Rehabilitation. We’d be happy to introduce you to Rian Moe and Crossfit Des Moines and help you on your way to a fitter lifestyle so you can Work Hard. Play Harder. Expect More.


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